The journey towards environmentally conscious building


Life is an amazing journey. Who would have thought, as a public servant 12 years ago, I would today be teaching the art of hemp-lime building. My career at the time wasn't fulfilling or reflective of my inner core or identity. In 2005, I took a leap of faith and returned to study to qualify as a licensed builder. I managed to overcome the challenges faced by those moving from one industry to another, and within a few years, I was running a successful business built on quality and reputation alone. In 2014 and 2016, my work was featured in Home Beautiful, Green Magazine and Habitus. However, I felt that truly 'conscious' building should go even further and should combine the beauty of a carefully considered design with smart natural materials and a consideration for occupant health. Hence The Hemp Building Company was born.

Why hemp? I first discovered hemp-lime building 15 years ago while reading an article about the use of this wonderful plant material in the restoration of a historic building in France. It was here that I was captured by the concept of using a plant material to create a building. In the following years I read as much literature I could find about hemp-lime construction. I came to the conclusion that if we are serious about creating truly sustainable buildings, then there is no other renewable source that comes close to providing the benefits of the hemp plant.

Today, as the proud builder of a number of hemp-lime homes, I continue to be inspired by those who have also discovered this amazing resource. In my role as a consultant, I now relish the opportunity to draw on my skills as a craftsman and builder to help others embark on their own hemp-lime building journey.


Our Team

Portraits by Lakshal Perera

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Joe D'Alo
Director - The Hemp Building Company

Dip. Electrotechnology - Energy Efficient Building Design

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Deborah Varney
Business Development Manager, The Hemp Building Company

Building Biologist, Sustainability Consultant

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Grimes & Sons

Suppliers of quality paints, stains, coatings, and finishes for natural buildings


Building product certification scheme Aus/N.Z. Product complies with NCC Volumes One and Two, the BCA.


Developers of Industrial Hemp technologies


Association for all building professionals